Diversions is a series of paintings in response to the strange times we are living in and how our collective psyche is manipulated by the powers that be. ~ Imagine that a color or mark represents an issue. Staying on track isn’t easy. Somewhere amidst the cover-ups, lack of transparency and chaos lies the twisted truth, but all too often, as we close-in on forming an accurate understanding, something bizarre diverts our attention. We are coerced in one direction only to be deliberately bounced elsewhere. Distractions create confusion which in turn disguises corruption. ~ Personal beliefs and bias also determine the path of our concentration. While some might fancy blue, others stoutly favor orange. Whatever our preference, we are entangled within the same helter-skelter, mind-bending occurrences that have somehow become our new norm.

(from thesaurus.com)
Diversion n. change in course, path
To gain a diversion, he reverted to his familiar bullying tactics.
The diversion occurred at the moment of the greatest tension.